Finally, you came to the point that distributing leaflets could help your business to grow. Then, you will need to design, print, and distribute the flyers. You need to prepare this whole process, wisely. It’s all about timing. In this article, we explain how to plan an efficient leafleting distribution.

1) Determine which audience to target

It looks evident for most of us, but a lot of businesses aren’t aware of what are their ideal new customers. Consequently, it’s the first step to follow. You need to know what are the advantages and inconvenients of each method of distribution. For instance, let’s say you’re a pizzeria implemented in a residential area. And you are looking to promote your 2-for-1 offer, and your location is in a residential area. In this case, planning a door-to-door leaflet distribution within 0.5 miles radius from your location will be a good option. Contrarily, if your restaurant is in a touristic area, hand-to-hand leaflet distribution will be handsome. Once, you will have determined which audience to target, you can start thinking about design, printing, and distribution.

2) Plan your distribution 1 or 2 weeks in advance

From my perspective, it’s the most critical point. To plan an efficient leafleting distribution, you will need more than two weeks if you haven’t designed, and printed your flyers, yet. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to design and print the leaflets, it will take you at least two weeks to receive your flyers. Companies such as Vistaprint provide this kind of services. Then, you will need to determine the best time for distributing the leaflets. For instance, if you’re promoting an offer of a 2-for-1 pizza, distributing the leaflets before Friday evening will be a safe bet.

3) Put an incentive and a deadline in your offer

Firstly, if your offer isn’t attractive, consumers won’t try it. So, you have to offer an incentive, and this way consumers will be more likely to respond to your offer. Secondly, I recommend putting a deadline for the offer, because it will encourage the consumers to try the offer as soon as possible. For instance, 2-for-1 pizza exp. Sunday. Furthermore, incentive and deadline will enable you to assess the reaction of your prospects to your offer. As well, it will enhance the tracking results of your campaign. Additionally, I recommend avoiding offers such as ‘50% off’, those offers work only for customers who know you, already.

4) Choose wisely your distributors

Firstly, if you don’t do the distribution by yourself, you cannot trust any distributor or company. For this reason, I mentioned in the second paragraph to plan at least one or two weeks before the distribution’s day. You can recruit temporary employees, but if they don’t do the job properly, you will be in trouble for the efforts and the money invested. Contrarily, the temporary employees won’t have their reputation affected. Otherwise, you can hire a leaflet distribution company, as well you have to select several providers and to compare which will be the best for you. In conclusion, I recommend selecting 3 providers because if one lets you down, you can rely on the next one.

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