Leaflet Distribution in London

Our leaflet distribution service is designed to help you to get your message known to your targets, to encourage them to a call-to-action, and generate more sales or enquiries.

Although, leaflet distribution is an old marketing method, a lot of businesses, from various sectors still trust this method. If they do so, it’s because leaflet distribution can generate a good Return-On-Investment. Furthermore, it’s one of the most efficient way to raise awareness.

How our leaflet distribution can help?

Our leaflet distribution service can help you to get your word out, through the 3 following methods.

Door to Door Leaflet Distribution
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B2B Leaflet Distribution

Hand to hand leaflet distribution

Hand to hand leaflet distribution is a type of promotion in which Brand Ambassadors distribute flyers into people’s hands. 

leaflet distributed to the hand

In the marketing jargon, this type of marketing is often called “leafleting”, “handing out flyers”, or “hand to hand distribution”.This method of advertising is suitable in streets, events, and especially in front of subway or train stations.

This kind of marketing is often used for:

  • Brand Activation
  • Promotional Offer
  • Raising Brand Awareness

Hand-to-Hand Leaflet Distribution

Unavailable until further notice
  • Vocal Distribution
  • Friendly & Approchable Staff
  • Snappy Headlines
  • Spot Check
  • Free Campaign Advice
Hand to hand Leaflet distribution in London Piccadilly Circus

How this method can help

To clarify, hand to hand flyer distribution is a very effective way to increase Brand awareness. In fact, this method is very effective in Greater London, especially in tube stations entrances. 

Additionally, this old way of marketing still works, and it is one of the most efficient ways to convey your message to your prospects. Furthermore, it catches more people attention than emails, social media posts, or TV adverts.

Our hand to hand distribution service is designed to get your message known to your prospects and see if handing out flyers is effective for your message. (See How to track the effectiveness and measuring the results of a leafleting campaign

Hand to hand Leaflet distribution in London Brixton

Main Advantages of Handing Out Flyers in London

Hand to hand leaflet distribution London
Hand-to-hand distribution

Hand-to-Hand Leaflet Distribution

  • Vocal Distribution
  • Friendly & Approchable Staff
  • Snappy Headlines
  • Spot Check
  • Free Campaign Advice

Affordability : Hand-to-hand leaflet distribution is a cheap way of gaining visibility, and conveying your message in London.

Furthermore, a lot of people will see your Brand that our promotional staff wear, shouting your taglines, and handing out your offer towards the passersby.

In fact, it’s effective for Brands looking to gain visibility in front of the big audience in London such as Transport For London passengers.

Leafleting near the Tube entrances is a good alternative for businesses not being able to afford to advertise on the London Underground Ad spaces. (£103.600 for 200 poster ads, in each station in zone one and two)

Read the article that Courier published in October 2017: Why tech startups advertise on the London underground

Increased Visibility : For instance, in a busy station such as Piccadilly Circus, around 1,000 passengers can see your Brand on the chest of one flyer distributor in only 1 hour.

Or, let’s say, you want 1 Flyer Distributor in front of each entrance, as a result it will be 4.000 views/hour for your Brand. (there are four entrances in Piccadilly Circus Tube Station)

Important volume of interested targets: Each leaflet distributed is a potential new lead.

If we keep our example of Piccadilly, depending on how attractive is your offer and people targeted.

You can expect to distribute between 50 to 120 leaflets/hour and per Leaflet Distributor. Therefore, those people are likely to be really interested in looking into your offer.

Ups & Downs of this method of distribution

  • Proof of well-establishment
  • Good quality leads
  • Good alternative to Tube advertising
  • Better receiptivity than digital advertising
  • Possibility to interact face to face with the prospects
  • Lower volume of leaflets sent than door-to-door
  • Ineffective in wide areas 

Door to door leaflet distribution

Door-to-door leaflet distribution is the process by which the leaflets are distributed directly to the letterboxes.


This method of distribution is suitable everywhere, except in Westminster & City of London.

It’s commonly known as a cheap way to transmit your offer directly to the home of your targets.

In fact, this way is good for reaching out a particular Geographic Target Market. For instance, you’re an Estate Agency based in Isle of Dogs, and you want to outreach people living in East Ham, door-to-door leaflet distribution will enable to convey your headlines to 10,000 households.

To clarify, this method of distribution is more focused on quantity of leaflets distributed than Hand-to-Hand. So it reduces the visibility of your Brand outdoor, but you will have more leaflets distributed. In a specific location, it’s possible with door-to-door distribution to send 1000 leaflets directly to the letterboxes for a couple of hours. However, each leaflet distributed is not a qualified lead, but a relative proportion of those leaflets sent can be converted to new leads.

Furthermore, the main advantage of this method of distribution is that more people will read your message.

Additionally, nowadays, people check carefully their letterbox. Consequently, if your leaflet is on the letterbox of your target, he or she will read the headline.

Door-to-Door Leaflet Distribution

From £50 per 1,000 Leaflets
  • Solus Distribution (not shared with the leaflets of a different brand)
  • GPS Live Location
  • GPS Tracking Routes
GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution