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Generate Awareness

In business, we often have to choose between spending money or time. Consequently, if you decide to hire a company for a service, but you don’t have full visibility on how your service provider performs. As a result, this lack of visibility represents a risk for your business. The risk of having made a poor decision. Certainly, trust cements a relationship, however, visibility and clarity give relief in our choices.

From frustration to entrepreneurship in the leaflet distribution industry

Our founder, Alex Laribi, worked 2 years as a Brand Ambassador. He saw so many ill-fated leafleting campaigns, in which companies were wasting money. They hired the wrong suppliers, and they damaged the reputation of leafleting campaigns.

Then, the project was born in March 2018 under the name of GA 4Clients. I was created by Alex Laribi and his former co-founder . The beginning was a huge success with its first campaign to promote Chatime which is a famous Asian beverage Brand operating in 38 countries.

The 50/50 shareholder deadlock

Growing a business doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, regular hard work, persistence, and the list is long. Then, just three months after its creation, a shareholder conflict occurred. As a result, we have been inactive for seven months. For the reason that, the two shareholders couldn’t agree about how to run the company which results in the shutdown of GA 4clients.

Innovative & creative leaflet distribution service

From March 2019 to May 2019, the Brand has been traded under G.A For Clients. Currently, the company operates with one director/shareholder which makes the decision-making easier. Furthermore, the investment capacity strengthened.

Since, new features have been put forward such as:

  • Removing the sampling& lead generations services
  • Focusing only on leaflet distribution
  • Implementing a door-to-door leaflet distribution service
  • Putting down the prices for being affordable for small businesses
  • Setting up a free trial strategy
  • Implementing the wearable spy recording

New Name: GA Forclients becomes Generate Awareness for more coherence

In May 2019, the founder has decided to rename the Brand name because it was hard to remember and it didn’t reflect what we do. As a result, we decided to rename the company as Generate Awareness because we generate awareness by distributing flyers to the prospects of our clients.

The happiness of building relationships

Since the company is under new management, we are building new relationships with new partners. Furthermore, we help each other for growing our businesses. Focusing on quality relationships enables us to be accessible to more types of organisations

Optimistic future

Since the company is under new management, we are building new relationships with new partners.Currently, focusing on quality relationships enables us to be accessible to more types of organisations.

Now, our current goal is to generate awareness about our offer in London. Then, our focus is to invite partners to try our offer, and encouraging small businesses to outsource their promotional campaigns . As a result, businesses can save time and money.

At the moment, we’re promoting tennis classes in West London until July 2019, and we have promoted a Hair Salon. So our books are getting full quickly, so we might start hiring new employees.

Considering to Generate Awareness digitally

During our B2B Advertising Campaign, most of our clients have been reached on the Internet. Furthermore, it enables us to outreach people in general through different channels. Recently, we have been active on Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, we cannot ignore the power of worldwide outreach that offers Social Media. In January 2019, the worldwide population was 7.6 billions of people, and 3.4 billions were active social media users. Though, this number will continue to increase without mentioning whose are Internet users but not active on Social Media. Being said, not exploiting those channels to generate awareness would be a big mistake. Furthermore, our name is flexible, as a result, it’s possible to generate awareness offline and online. Fortunately, our name doesn’t include a word such as “leaflet”, “distribution”, “flyer”, “marketing”, but those words can be tools to generate awareness. In the future, we are going to add specialities such as video making, and spread informations about diverse subjects. According to Cisco, 80% of all online traffic will be video, so it’s now or left behind.

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