Reasons why door drops are crucial for marketing a new restaurant

Marketing a new restaurant is crucial for starting well the run of the business. In fact, it’s very important to make the first opening days a success. It’s very important because it will bring you confidence, optimism, serenity, and you will start getting your Return-Of-Investment in the best manner. However, marketing a new restaurant is different than marketing […]

Choosing the right flyer size

As for any marketing campaign, each details can be important. In this article, we are going to talk about the flyer size, especially for a distribution. Before continuing, it’s important to decide which method of distribution we’ll suit your needs. In fact, it can seem obvious for some. However, some want to to mix the methods of distribution. Flyer size for door-to-door […]

How to promote extracurricular activities?

Firstly, advertising extra curricular activities is a little bit different than advertising for common niches. In this article, I will share my personal experience on how to promote extracurricular activities such as tennis school or football club. First step: promote extracurricular activities by listing the schools and playgrounds nearby Firstly, just a quick reminder, marketing […]

Ways to track the effectiveness and measure the results of a leafleting campaign

Ways to track the effectiveness and measure the results of a leafleting campaign Tracking the results of a leafleting campaign is never easy, but it’s important, important as any type of marketing effort. In fact, setting up a tracking result system enables you to know whether if leafleting brings you positive returns or not. In […]

Pros and cons of hiring a promotional staffing agency

Thinking about hiring a promotional staffing agency for your Marketing campaign? Are you looking the pros and cons of hiring a promotional agency? Here, we’ll explain what are the pros and cons of working with this type of business. What is a promotional staffing agency? To begin with, it’s important to know exactly what is […]

The best promotions to get new customers

Looking to get more customers through promotional campaigns? In order to succeed, having good designers, marketers, video-maker, printer and suppliers are important. However, it’s not enough. Before, there are questions that need to be answered. What do you offer to your prospects? What are the incentives if they come to you? Why should they buy […]

How to plan an efficient leafleting distribution

Finally, you came to the point that distributing leaflets could help your business to grow. Then, you will need to design, print, and distribute the flyers. You need to prepare this whole process, wisely. It’s all about timing. In this article, we explain how to plan an efficient leafleting distribution.

B2C: why door-to-door leaflet distribution is so effective

  Alex Laribi – Founder of Generate Awareness   In 2019, we could think the best outreach marketing is online. Everybody has a smartphone with Internet data, movies music, games, apps etc. It would be easy to think that online marketing is the best way to reach targets. Nevertheless, GDPR law has revealed advertisers use […]

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