Kings Gym

Kings Gym is a gym place providing fitness facilities, personal training, massages, friendly, and a warm training place.

Client's goal

Kings Gym wanted to outreach new users by proposing to them a free day pass.

Our solution

G.A. Forclients studied the catchment area. Then, we proposed a combination of leafleting and lead capturing.Those actions has targeted local businesses and pedestrians. For the B2B campaign, we sent our leads generators to collect leads by visiting local businesses. For the B2C campaign, we had a flyer within a free day pass. Then, our Brand Ambassadors handed out those leaflets.


Our actions helped our Client to attract more users , and to contribute to sign up new memberships. As a result we achieved the following:

64% Net ROI on the B2B campaign.

25% Net ROI on the B2C campaign.

Both results were calculated for an 1 month period.